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Singapore Maths

The new National Curriculum for maths advocates a ‘mastery’ approach, following evidence of success from high performing countries.  A mastery approach means having high expectations that all children can succeed; therefore lessons are not differentiated by ability.  All children are expected to tackle the same work, with children who easily grasp the content being given further challenge to deepen their understanding. 

There is a huge emphasis on quickly identifying possible misconceptions and giving those children who may need extra support further intervention, ideally the same day or before the next lesson.  Of course there may be some children who need extra support to this or may need a specially adapted curriculum – if this is the case, you will already be aware of this.  Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you require further information.

Many of these high performing countries such as Singapore use a text book approach where each child has their own textbook and workbook.  These do not replace class teaching but work alongside it.

As a result, we are organising maths differently in school.  We have invested in ‘Maths No Problem’, a text book scheme adapted from Singapore schemes.  This scheme has been trialled for the past two years through maths hubs (supported by the DFE) and has received excellent reviews.  Children in years one, two and three will initially use the scheme and, if successful, this will be eventually rolled out across the whole of Key Stage Two.

On Monday to Thursday, children will be taught in single year groups across the school either by their class teacher or by a trained higher level teaching assistant (or by a combination of both over the week).  On Fridays, classes will revert to mixed age classes.

Although years four, five and six will not yet use the text book scheme, they will be taught using a mastery approach.  All year groups will benefit as they will be taught in smaller, single age groups.

Below, you will links to a number of videos which show some of the approaches used in Maths No Problem.  There are also a series of booklets below that exemplify what most children should be able to achieve by the end of the particular year they are in.  We hope you find these useful.  

We will hold maths meetings to give you further information and show you some of the resources that children in years one, two and three will be using.  In the meantime, if you would like further information then please speak to your child’s class teacher (or Mrs Coulthard who is our maths subject leader).

Scroll down for useful booklets.

This video explains more about the scheme (please note that some smartphone browsers cannot play this content):

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