Gooseberry project
Gooseberry project
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              "Outstanding" (SIAMS 2015)"Good with Outstanding" (Ofsted 2015)

Sports Funding


The Government has provided primary schools with specific funding to help develop PE and sports in school for the next few years.

It continues to be used for staff in class CPD, as well as subsidising lunchtime school clubs and providing transport to inter school events. Funding has been used this term to fully fund lunchtime clubs. This is a more cost effective use of the sports funding rather than subsidising after school clubs for just a few children. Lunchtime clubs are a more accessible proposition. 

Allocated termly Sept 2016 - July 2017 (based on 2015 figures) : £5028


Our aims in 2016/17 for this funding are:


 - Employing specialist PE teachers and qualified coaches to work alongside teachers in lessons to increase their subject knowledge and confidence in PE.

 - Procuring quality-assured professional training for staff to raise their confidence and competence in teaching PE and sport.

 - Paying staff or external sports coaches to run competitions, or to increase pupils participation in national school games competitions.

 - Buying into existing local sports networks such as school sport partnerships or community sports coaching initiatives.

 - Providing places for pupils in after-school sport clubs and holiday courses.

 - Trying to engage the least active pupils in after school activities.

 - Forging links with PE teachers in local secondary schools to help primary staff improve their PE and sports provision.


Our total spending for PE and Sport in 2014/15 was £8700 grant funding topped up with additional school spending giving a total investment of £9900 into school PE and Sport. We allocated our spending in the following way:


 - 70% of our funding is being used to provide high quality professional development for our staff through qualified coaches working alongside them in PE lessons.

 - 15% is being used to subsidise extra curricular sports clubs, either at lunchtime or after school, to allow for the maximum number of interested children to attend.

 - The remaining 15% is being used to provide transport to sporting events, to engage sports coaches to run our cluster competitive events and to provide additional PE resources to be used in school PE lessons and after/before school clubs.


Impact of the sports funding use can be seen in the number of inter school competitions we competed in in 2015/16:


 - Quad Kids Athletics

 - Swimming

 - Cross country - all Key Stage 2 children taking part in the area finals with four children qualifying for the county finals

 - Quick Sticks hockey

 - Kwik Cricket

 - Tag Rugby

 - Tri Golf

 - Sports Hall Athletics

 - Girls Football



A full programme of inter school competitions has been planned for 2016/17 including new sports such as handball, High Five Netball and boys football. Coaching support in PE lessons has increased teacher confidence and level of expertise and brought a range of new sports and opportunities in PE thus raising the achievement of all pupils in PE. After school clubs offer a range of sports - football, netball, rounders, cricket and gymnastics. Funding has helped support lunchtime clubs in girls football, the Golden Mile running, and preparation for inter school competitions. These are now free of charge and take 20 children each lunchtime. The number of pupils accessing clubs has increased over the year and we have actively promoted sports to engage more girls in sport.

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